View Full Version : MantisWorx dualshock Hplate style F1!

2010.03.31, 11:12 PM
just a sneek peak! will test tomorrow, it takes quite a bit of grinding to get it to fit but i think it worth it, now the rear feels like the MR's and will actually "twist" smoothly should increase rear grip dramatically!




2010.04.01, 01:50 AM
You'll want to stiffen up the sides of those plates -- if they deflect even a little bit you will lose precision in the center portion of the plate. Unless of course you find a way to secure the center, that'd be the best way. I had to stick a center pivot spring into the MRCG for this exact reason, without it the rear suspension behavior would just be too sloppy.

Looks good though, if you can secure the pivot point I think it'll do the F1 a world of good.

2010.04.01, 07:51 AM
the center portion actually sits on the chassis and this material is super stiff. as it looks and feels by touch there is barely any movement or slop (but i havent driven it yet!!). i think the reason your car needs the center spring is because your "twist" comes from outboard plates, this setup uses a center "twist". your car feels really good though especially for the type of system it uses! BTW i think i have a way to get your deal to work without too much drama. i ordered some material for a trial run!

2010.04.01, 10:45 PM
the center portion actually sits on the chassis and this material is super stiff.
That's what I needed to hear -- good work. :) And the other thing too, cheers Marcus!