View Full Version : $0.01 gets you a Brand New AutoScale or White Body - NO JOKE!

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.04.01, 10:41 AM
We may be fools, but this is no joke! From now through April 15th if you place any non-RCP Track order worth $150 or more, you qualify to receive a brand new Kyosho White Body or AutoScale "Mystery Body" for only $0.01! (yes, really, only 1 CENT!!). All Mystery Bodies are brand new Kyosho products with a guaranteed retail value of at least $20, and up to $50! Only one Mystery Body per order please! The only way you can get to this product is by clicking on the link in this post (https://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=20555&cat=332). If your order is $150 or more, whats one more cent? Add the Mystery Body to your cart and see what the Mini-Z fairy sends you!