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2010.04.01, 12:20 PM
I am looking to upgrade my transmitter for my 2.4GHz and to use with 1/10th scale cars. I have read around some and it looks like a majority of people like the KO Propo radios. I would need to get receivers that would work for the bigger scales.

I was wondering if people have had experience with using the same radio for mini-z's and 1/10th scale (currently Traxxas Slash) and what they thought about different radios. Right now, I have the KT-18 for my mini-z and the RTR AM radio that came with the Slash kit. I love 2.4GHz and will probably get away from AM in my slash, but want something that will work for both.

Thanks in advanced,

2010.04.01, 12:46 PM
I have a JR radio Z-1 which is identical to the Ko Propo EX -10. I currently use that radio for my mini z's. I also have a spektrum module that I use to race my Losi 8-T, and Slash. You can also use the New Eurus radio as well. There are other brands of radios out there like Futaba and Airyronics that you can use, however you'll need to modify the mini z module to work or buy the adapter from PN.

2010.04.01, 03:14 PM
any ko radio would do fine. just change the module. right now for the money you can't go wrong with the Ex-1 unless your mitts are huge, if thats the case get a ex-10.you cn get an airtronics then get the adapters to use for the min z. but in the long run will be more expensive.

2010.04.01, 03:17 PM
There's an EX-1UR in the marketplace for $150.00. That is a good deal.. all you need for 2.4ghz would be the module which is generally around $80.00.

2010.04.01, 03:22 PM
made it easier
he is a great guy

2010.04.01, 04:45 PM
Thanks dvsstrike!

Let me know if you're interested. I've already dropped the price from $160 to $150. I think thats a pretty good price considering its brand new. If you can find a better price, we can work on a better price to beat that. ;)

2010.04.01, 06:37 PM
Definitely go with the KO Propo EX-1 UR. They're very cheap and works great for both mini-z and big scale r/c cars.

$150 for the UR is cheap and it looks brand new too!

2010.04.01, 07:37 PM
How do the rest of the KO Propo compare to the EX5 UR?

2010.04.01, 07:54 PM
more adjustment and you can use it on anthing. the issue with the ex5 is you have to buy a specific one for miniz and one for the other.ex1 or ex10 you just have to change the module in the back

2010.04.02, 02:16 PM
between EX-5 and EX-1, price difference ain't that much (considering the fact of shipping the EX-5), so I'd go for the EX-1

2010.04.02, 02:41 PM
Thanks everyone! I'm leaning toward a EX-1 UR right now. I'm going to go and check some out at the hobby shop this weekend hopefully and decide then. I'll let you know what I think after I get it.

Anyone possibly have a mini-z 2.4 module for the EX-1 UR available? PM me if you do.


2010.04.02, 08:00 PM
I run my Kyosho Inferno GT with my Helios, I use the spectrum 2.4 module and the 2.4RX in the car. It works great.

FYI, it might be hard to find the 2.4ASF module, keep your eyes peeled. I ordered on from Kopropo about 3 weeks ago and they send me an email stating it will be 3 to 5 weeks before they are in stock again.