View Full Version : Help with Kt-18

2010.04.02, 10:42 PM
Does the KT-18 transmitter come with the binding stick or does the chassis come with it? The chassis that i am talking about is the Kyosho 30578ZKM MA010 ASF BCS Formula Drift RX-7 FC #99 2.4Ghz Without Tx
And also one more question what drift tires fit the chassis that i am talking about cause i don't race rc's i drift them! :) Thanks in advance

2010.04.02, 11:08 PM
The binding stick comes with the chassis. It's the receiver that needs to be "bound" to the transmitter. You could always use a toothpick or something.

Don't know about the tires... depends on the surface you intend to drift on.

2010.04.03, 10:42 PM
I actually want to drift on wood or marble please put a link. Ohh yeah also when you buy that chassis is the tire stuck to the rims thanks in advance :)

2010.04.03, 11:35 PM
On my car, the tires were _not_ stuck on. But they were really hard to get off the rims, and I had to be careful not to break the rims while removing the tires.

2010.04.04, 01:33 AM
It should come with hard rubber tires, you could probably drift it with that on hardwood, but you would want to put a thick grease inside the differentials so they dont unload as the tires gain/lose grip. A lot of people use a spool diff (no differentiation) when drifting.

There are drift tires made by a few different sources, Kyosho, Atomic, Tagu... These are made from plastic. I have only used the Kyosho. You can adjust the grip by scuffing or polishing them.

The wheels that come with the car should be narrow all around, but you should be able to fit a -1mm wide in the rear, which should give you a little more rear grip, and make it easier to drift instead of spinning out a lot.