View Full Version : What happened to the forum?

2010.04.03, 07:29 PM
I re-imaged my hard drive and haven't been back in a while.
Is my PC different or did the forum change it's look?
It is user unfriendly on my PC.
The forum topics look very different.
Navigation looks unfamiliar.
Did the forum structure change???:eek:
I remember choosing sections topics for MR-01 , MR-02 , AWD, Boats ect etc..

2010.04.04, 01:08 AM
Hey dean. Havent seen you on here in a while...

The structure has changed, there are more subcategories, to make it less crowded on the main page.

There are still categories for chassis, etc...

Although I usually just read the new threads, and use the search function, I find the new structure easier to navigate than the older. There are more button clicks, and pages to load, but there is much less clutter on each page.

Are you getting back into Mini-Z? You should check out the MR03 :)