View Full Version : Mantis Worx Billet Delrin Multi Offset SUPER GT Wheel Set with Tool (white)

2010.04.04, 11:03 AM
Any personal experiences in worth spending $36.00 w/ tools from Reflex Racing?

2010.04.04, 01:46 PM
Useful from what I've read and saves you buying separate offset wheels that these cover. If you know what you need to use, probably not, but when you want to experiment these can come in handy.

2010.04.04, 04:33 PM
Actually yes.
They are lighter than any other Delrin wheels I have ever tried.
They are extremely durable. I have not broken one since I bought them, and they have been used a lot. Estimate 50 hours of hard racing.
The fronts are slightly smaller than normal. This is helpful for a lot of us regarding setup and feel of the car. (The rears are also slightly bigger than normal)
They look great:D
Regarding the adjustability, that is a nice feature, but I have not used it very much.

Here is a review I wrote when I first got them.

2010.04.04, 08:34 PM
i second what rune said. the wheels are great quality. i have only set them in one position so being adjustable is not that important to me. i did find the offsets to be a little different than stock not a true 0, +1 and so on. it was a great surprise as i liked having it slightly off, it allows me to run the 0 offset on my 430 but its really more like +.5. i hope he comes out with a fixed set of wheels in the same quality.