View Full Version : Latest race photos and track layout

2002.07.08, 03:21 PM
Hi all,
SC Speed Racer in Singapore has just changed their track layout and had a race.
Check out the challenging track layout and race photos under the gallery link in our website http://www.sc-speedracer.com
Sorry for the ugly gallery layout but hopefully the photos make up for it

2002.07.08, 03:33 PM
nice! how many cars were there total? i tried to count, but i'm only in the second grade:p

2002.07.08, 03:42 PM
18 cars total. Several regulars couldnt make it otherwise there would be more.
4 heats of 3 rounds each ending up with 3 Mains, A, B and C for the finals

2002.07.09, 05:07 AM
hi jagr...

what are your race rules and what's the format?

2002.07.09, 05:25 AM
Its an open race. No limitations, we even had one FM mini-z and another one which had a trailer to contain the transponder. Initially we prepared 28 slots but due to another 1/10 race concurrently running we only had 18 racers.
For more details you can email us admin@sc-speedracer.com
FYI we used the AMB race management system