View Full Version : PN Disk Damper and Rear Shock

2010.04.06, 04:15 PM
I got a PN Disk Damper and have seen some people have the disk damper and rear shock both on their car. I have also seen some people with just the disk damper on. Which is the correct way to do it? Or what are the pros and cons of both?

Also, what weight of lube are you guys using on your disk damper for RCP racing?

Mike Keely
2010.04.08, 08:07 PM
Check this thread out.


Most of the time I run a med. or thick T bar so the car does not droop in the middle. If it does not droop in the middle of the car you don't need a center shock and spring most of the time.

2010.04.08, 08:57 PM
Depending on the track, and body that I use. . . Heavier larger bodies I almost always use a top shock. Small light bodies, I feel that I can get away without it.

For the most part, I use a top shock, but dont preload the t-plate with it. The t-plate should sag slightly ready to race when placed on the track, even when using a top shock. Otherwise the rear end gets a little loose when you apply throttle.

As Mike pointed out, the primary purpose of the t-plate is to eliminate sag, especially with softer t-plates. I usually use harder t-plates. Also, if you want more on power steering, you can use a harder spring, but try not to adjust the preload.

Without a top shock, I feel that I start to lose a little steering as I add throttle and weight transfers to the rear. With the top shock (properly preloaded/sprung), there is less of a transition in steering when going from off throttle to on throttle.

Neither is wrong, it just depends on your racing conditions, setup and driving style.