View Full Version : Hosting a Digital SlotCar Race in MI...

2010.04.07, 06:31 AM
It may not be Mini-Z or even RC... but it is a "toy" car race.
If any of the Dojo members are interested let me know, I will put you down as a maybe.

ENTRY: $35 (Includes a FREE Digital Slot Car, normaly $50-$70)

1st Place Prize: A Digital Slot Car Starter Set, worth about $300

Exact location is not official, but it will obviously be over by me, Macomb Michigan area. Likely at Kart 2 Kart the indoor gokart track down the street from me, so you guys can race those too if you want ;) They have lap timer etc.

The MZR thread I posted for the event:

Or you can just go directly to the race page on my website: