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2010.04.07, 04:35 PM
I haven't gotten an LM mount to go along with this body yet, but I mounted my normal MM motor mount 1 set of screw holes down so it's 102mm, and mounted the body.

Problem is, the rear of the body sits really high. Like, half a centimeter off the wheel when mounted. Does the LM mount hold the rear axle significantly lower than the normal MM mount?

2010.04.07, 04:40 PM
All of the LM bodies sit high like that no matter what mount you use. I just pop the side clips off with a flat head, trim some of the plastic inside the body where the clip sits and then remount them. It's kinda a pian to do but worth it in the end. Normally I take the clips up about 2-3mm to get the ride height correct.

2010.04.07, 04:46 PM
Here are some pics comparing a C9 on a nonmodified AutoScale display chassis, and a C9 on my actual MR-02. As you can see, it's quite a bit higher than usual. Is there a reason for this?



(Sorry for the huge pics, I don't know how to resize)

2010.04.07, 05:13 PM
I cant say if those are modified or not. Are you using LM tires in the rear of the car? The LM tires are taller and would help to make the gep a little smaller. The cars in the pics above both hav LM tires on them.

I havent used the C9 yet, nut bith the Mazda's and Porsches I have used always sat very high, nothing like the C9 you have pictured. Maybe the motor mount is different? I never noticed it being any lower when I used to use it. Try lowering the the ride height on your motor mount and see if you can get something that looks similar.

2010.04.07, 05:26 PM
How exactly do I lower my motor mount? What I'm currently using is essentially identical to the normal MM motor mount, only in alloy.

2010.04.07, 05:40 PM
Depending on the mount you have some have ride height adjustment, some dont. Most of the new Atomic and PN mounts have black inserts that you put the bearings in and then put those into the motor mount. Dpending on the way you install them you can raise or lower the back of the chassis.

2010.04.07, 06:22 PM
Mine doesn't have those, so...

2010.04.07, 06:45 PM
You could try shimming the t-plate where it attaches to the motor mount, but you need to be aware that this will also might require making adjustments to your DDS. I have a Sauber body that I'm painting and have also noticed it rides high in back. If possible, post a picture of your chasis without the body on it. Are you running a top shock?

2010.04.07, 07:01 PM
I'm running only the Atomic Adjustable shock (with friction grease), since my DDS won't fit underneath the body.




2010.04.12, 07:39 PM

2010.04.12, 08:00 PM
First, you are not using an LM mount, which raises the chassis. Second, the clips are too low on the sides of the body. I have been working on a setup with a PN FMv3 mount... I shimmed the mount a good amount between the t-plate, and I relocated the side clips.

Now that the body is sitting at the right height, I need to dremel the body for clearance of the diff spur... Should see the track this coming weekend, so I hope to have it finished by then.

2010.04.12, 09:27 PM
EMU, has a good point. IF you try to lower body, your spur will hit. I ended up putting my body back up a little..or cut body out for spur.;)