View Full Version : TRPScale Megane Clip alternative

2010.04.08, 12:56 PM
Unfortunately i seem to have broken my clip today, and would like to get hold of a replacement. I was just wondered if anyone know of any clips which are of the same size? I know a Calsonic blue Nissan body has the same size clip, but im not sure exactly what model it is, and wondered if there are matching sizes, if i can get a metal version?
I know i can get a set of side and front clips from TRP but would rather get a metal one to prevent the breakage!

2010.04.08, 01:00 PM
PN makes a CF clip for the Megane!

2010.04.08, 01:42 PM
ahh awesome ty, will see if i can get hold of it :)

2010.04.08, 02:18 PM
You'll also need the aluminum base if you don't have one.