View Full Version : Sunday 25th April Race Meeting

2010.04.11, 05:39 PM
Date & venue booked

Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

6.00/ racer (including hot dogs) ..... newcomers free.

Racing F1 & MiniZ/Iwaver/Xmods. Large track in the afternoon. HFAY Season 9 races 7 & 8 (racer & F1) from the early evening onwards

You can bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours).

2010.04.13, 11:18 AM
Wahey! I might be able to make this one! If not, think I need to put all my efforts in to the Stafford 500 for this year.

2010.04.18, 01:41 PM
Got my dates muddled. Will be at Bedworth that day, Mendip the week after, and Bedworth again the week after that.

Think my 2010 mini-z season is a non-starter, can I start from the pits?