View Full Version : does your awd track/run straight?

2010.04.12, 03:02 AM
hi folks..

would just like to take a poll out here...

question is....

does your awd track/run straight?
- yes, right out of the box it track/ran straight
- no, right out of the box it didn't track/run straight
- yes, after some modifications done, it tracked/ran straight
- no, even after modifications done, it didn't track/run straight

i'm quite interested in the last three answers (pretty sure that there are some others that are interested as well)
i was wondering if you could post what modifications you did to make it track/run straight... or any other modifications you did or tried that didn't work

thanks for all your replies...

maybe this can become a sticky... :D

2010.04.12, 03:57 AM
modifications done by bert to get steering to properly align fixed that, but it still doesn't track straight. given up with it for the time being and focused on my mr-02 lol

2010.04.12, 04:41 AM
if you've done modifications, pls. post what you did to make your awd track/run straight...
it would be highly appreciated not only by me, but by others who are plagued by the awd not running straight... thanks in advance... :D

2010.04.12, 05:41 AM
tried adding preload & droop on one side, adding weight to the heavy side, sanded out the steering cover to make sure the servo saver doesn't touch anymore!

2010.04.12, 06:53 AM
my awd is crap it has never in its life gone straight pre load weight shaving the upper cover new servo saver. never the thing is cursed from inception. i just learned to deal with the friggen thing. i really do not care for it really. i just drive it cause most of the guys in my club like running them.imo its more like running my 10th scale tc.

2010.04.12, 07:28 AM
But that's not the whole story is it?

Yes, it did track straight in the forward and reverse directions right out of the box.

But after some modifications (ball bearings, camber knuckles), it tracks straight in the forward direction, but not in the reverse direction.

2010.04.12, 08:37 AM
Here's a link to Berts Steering Mods :)


My main problem at the moment is the steering not returning to neutral, If you release the transmitter wheel so it springs back the cars wheels will centre, but if you turn the tx wheel back to centre by hand, the car wheels will not centre.

I'm going to strip my whole front end servo assembly and regrease it all see if that helps.

2010.04.13, 03:46 AM
thanks to all who replied so far... thanks to scooby pete who posted the link on berts steering mods... will post experiences with my awd soon...