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2010.04.13, 01:49 PM
I didn't find a product thread on this one, so here it is.

RR has come up with a nice little T-bar mount that adds a lot of adjustability to your rear end. It is amazing how much changing the pivot point of your T-bar can alter the feel of your car.

I made a little review on it after a few hours of testing.
Click here for the review! (http://bankenz.blogspot.com/2010/04/review-reflex-racing-adjustable-t-bar.html)


2010.04.13, 02:21 PM
Nice review. I got mine and installed it but wasn't sure where to start with adjusting the pivot point. Should I start with the adjustment screw in the rear most hole? How do the different options affect handling? Any suggestions?

2010.04.13, 02:30 PM
Ask Wade. He will know.

2010.04.13, 02:56 PM
Or he could just ask the designer. ;)

Personally, I like to mount the screw from the back. Changes are not so easy, but it gives the T Bar mount a better pivot point with the round tip of the set screw. What I usually do is test through the normal screw orientation and if I find that I like the H-Plate pivoting on a particular point more than without it. I will remove the T-Bar and install it from the back. To use the center hole, you might have to recess a little bit on the chassis to get proper screw clearance.

What is the right position? There isn't. Suggestions? Try them all. The further forward the hole, the less pre-load and the less of a difference the T-bar handling characteristic is subjected to. The furthest hole to the rear is the same as the original Kyosho mount.

This mount will also allow you to run your car without a top shock, if that is what you fancy. Keep in mind that the set screw does not necessarily have to be touching the T Bar for it to make a difference. It can be also used to adjust the sag of the T Bar. This is especially useful when you want to use in combination with a top shock. It will allow you to run a really soft spring, so that imperfections and bumps are absorbed well and past a certain point of compression, it will act a little stiffer, in order to prevent excessive suspension compression. This aids in a more stable car under braking and through hairpins.

2010.04.13, 03:46 PM
Thanks CT. I figured you'd reply. My goal is to adjust the sag.

2010.04.13, 09:15 PM
hmm... does it come with screws? if so, how many?

2010.04.13, 10:06 PM
It comes with 6 screws... 4 machine (2 for t-bar 2 for motor mount), 1 countersunk screw (middle hole on mount) and 1 flathead for the 3 small holes on the back..this piece is awesome!! I will get to test it this Saturday and along with the new front cups my suspension (all reflex) is super smooth and no binding :D

2010.04.14, 04:29 AM
thanks for the info... don't forget to post a review...

2010.04.15, 08:26 AM
Nice review. I got mine and installed it but wasn't sure where to start with adjusting the pivot point. Should I start with the adjustment screw in the rear most hole? How do the different options affect handling? Any suggestions?

Sorry for the late reply.
I see CT answered your questions.

Regarding starting point, I usually start with the inner position. If this gives a postive feel, I go one step further, and so on.

This is something i always do when adjusting setup. Make small changes, and never to the extreme.
A lot of people do it different. Many will go to the extreme on changes and work back from there:)

2010.04.15, 11:45 AM
I have specific test chassis, that I can test to the extreme without disturbing my main runners, I can see how the part changes the handling dynamic of the setup, then make the change to my main cars after I know how it will effect the handling. My main cars that I drive dont go through changes frequently...

I have a couple of these on order with my local track... Are we going to see any of these type of t-plate mounts for the MR02 chassis?

2010.04.15, 12:04 PM
Probably not for the 02, they just won't sell enough to justify the production.

2010.07.06, 05:23 AM
Anyone seen the new Atomic MR03 T-bar mount? It looks exactly the same as Reflex's T-bar mount. I am wondering, Reflex/CT - Did you sell them the design or no??? I would hate it if my design got rippd & direct-copied without authorization.... Looks like good 'ol Chinese "No copyright" laws strike again... This time on a small company whose sales can really be hurt by this... Unless Reflex gave permission, but I am doubting that until I hear back from Reflex....

2010.07.06, 11:25 AM
It is officially our first product that has gotten copied. :o

It is slightly different so I am sure that they will claim to this, in any which way it is quite flattering and if anything it will bring us more brand recognition and attention to our products.