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2010.04.13, 02:42 PM
Me on film :o with our dNaNo track setup for the show
i did have Shin Adachi there to help :D

http://tv.hexus.net/show/2010/04/Gadget_Show_Live_2010_This_is_the_top_end_of_micro _RC_racing/

2010.04.13, 03:12 PM

Nice video :-) You guys have an impressive display of autoscales behind in the video. I wonder why you don't answer your emails ?? I've sent 3 already from your website, inquiring about F1 bodies and never got an answer. :-(


2010.04.13, 03:33 PM
its hectic here,i did see it and im trying to work out why the shipping goes up so much.
as soon as i know you will:)

2010.04.13, 04:26 PM
You guys talk funny ;) Great interview Matt, covered your information well, although... you did say that the Mini-Z was the 1/28 scale version of the Dnano, which is incorrect. The Dnano is the 1/43rd scale version of the Mini-Z :p

Its good to get that exposure on Hexus. I think they mainly cover PC and technology products, but not necessarily hobby equipment like RC. I wonder how much this will help grow the Mini-Z and Dnano racing in the UK... Im sure that there will be a lot of teens that see that video and get interested in the hobby.

2010.04.13, 05:33 PM
Cool Matt! Nice ASC collection in the background indeed! :)

2010.04.13, 07:41 PM
Very cool Matt !! WOW ! Haven't talked or seen Adachi in afew years. I raced with him when I was on Yokomo / GM Racing many years ago. He still looks the same. It's good to still see him up in the ranks in the world of 1/10th scale on-road electric racing.

2010.04.14, 01:51 AM
Thanks guys, that was the second take, my nerves got the better of me:o
Kyosho flew Shin over here for neo buggy so I borrowed him for a day, great guy:)
the asc collection was only half of what we have in stock too:cool:

2010.04.14, 07:18 AM
Cool video Matt. Nice job man!:D

2010.04.14, 11:17 PM
pretty cool video... thanks for sharing... now i can put a face to the name... :D
hmm... finally i get to know who that japanese character is...lol... shin adachi...
had no idea that he is one of kyosho's top factory sponsored drivers...

2010.04.15, 12:06 AM
mk2kompressor... maybe you can ask shin... what this is all about... (it came out at the kyosho and mini model fair 2008 way back in july 24-29, 2008)


from this (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29190) thread

2010.04.15, 01:16 PM
nice bit of video :) congrats on the coverage.

2010.04.15, 09:17 PM
what this is all about... (it came out at the kyosho and mini model fair 2008 way back in july 24-29, 2008)

herman answering his own post...
hey herman i think it's a special edition z painted in shin's livery...


take a look at 00:11 on this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJi9Eg_asG0)

hope this helps :D

2010.04.16, 02:26 AM
I'm just waiting for Shin to confirm:)

2010.04.16, 03:25 AM
I'm just waiting for Shin to confirm
that's pretty cool... has he got anything on what's up-coming for kyosho in the 49th shizuoka hobby show 2010? (may 13-16) maybe you can pick his brain or work some jedi master mind reading trick to find out... :D

2010.04.26, 05:11 AM
Dang, how did I ever miss this? We get to see a very shy Matt on the Internets. :D Nice job reppin' BERT out there mate, keep it up for the sake of the hobby! ;)

2010.04.27, 01:19 AM
I'm just waiting for Shin to confirm:)

any word from shin?:confused::o