View Full Version : =SoCal= any other possible locations?

2002.07.08, 08:22 PM
hi have any of you by any chance found any other locations, or ppl with tracks? do any of you by any chance, have made your own personal track? just wondering.. i was browsing online about tracks; seen a lot of simple ones that people have made. Like ones made with cardboard barriers (dont know how long those would last, but duck tape will help that hehe), and also padded 2x4's; allowing them to change the track formation at ease. only down part is i seen most of these on ground, but they use astroturf (is that how u spell it) to help keep it smooth and clean. Anyhow, was thinking in the future, we could also use tennis courts for a track ground, i have a complex court here in my vicinity.. was thinking about making me a poratble set of barriers myself when i find the time... lately i've been so caught up with my summer studies, so dont mind me, im still in it for the long haul though, just gota get my ESC/reciever fixed (btw breeze, im in jurry duty, and i maybe i'll have enough $$$ after its over lol, yea know since im broke n all 8), yea know they raised the jury pay to $15/day) anyhow... just wanted to see wat u guys thought about the track ideas for us, and if yea guys got the inside about any other tracks hidden out there for the illusive SoCal mini-z hehe...
take it easy... ciao

2002.07.10, 08:25 PM
I have built a track out of PVC pipe. It is portable. We will just have to find a place to run-preferably different hobby shops.
The track surface will have to be very smooth though. I still want to give the Ultimate Hobbies thing a try first. The track that
they run there is 8x12 on carpet. I will be contacting the Track Guy
real soon. I hope we can get a race date on a Sunday-That will be the best day for me. Here's a pic of my track, it is 10x15 and the lanes are 30 inches wide. It could be expanded if we have the room, I have plenty of PVC-it's pretty cheap.

2002.07.10, 08:26 PM
Another pic

2002.07.10, 08:28 PM
Yet another pic

2002.07.10, 10:48 PM
Cool, using the "bridges" to provide extra ridgidity was a great idea, I never thought of that!

2002.07.10, 11:46 PM
Come up to San Jose and race with us at Slot Cars Unlimited :D