View Full Version : MR-02 Caster Ideas

2010.04.15, 12:01 PM
If the MR-02 had stock caster on the front suspension, the plastic would be 1/3 thicker because the plastic is at an angle, much like the old german world war tanks how they had angled there armor to a 90 degree angle to have 100mm in armor that was original 50mm.

I think with this added into the front suspension would increase center of gravity and more important to have more strength in the front knuckles.

The question that remains...

With a a solid non-adjust front caster, does it become more or less in that angle of caster? With the change of length to the vehicle and tire width as well?

If not a short RR Mini-Z would act like a Vitamin C with a large stock caster or is it Vitamin D? lol

I think this would be nice, but that isn't important.

2010.04.15, 12:34 PM
On the PN Racing Caster Suspension upgrade kit with the toe, etc. What if they had 2 spacers for lower caster adjustment instead of the top desgin in reverse what I call "World Caster", plus 1 on top for lower center of gravity and more caster adjustment, or anti-rolls or dual spacers top and bottom.

Instead of the outer knuckles for camber, just the upper or lower alloy center bars, with width shoter, then instead of 2 knuckles to make for camber, you just make center barsto change.