View Full Version : Carbon Shaft vs Titanium Shafts

2010.04.15, 01:17 PM
Carbon Driveshaft should be for Drifting and Titanium for sliding? Does that make logic?

Those Alloy Motor mounts, why not make them out of Carbon instead?

I would rather choose though carbon driveshafts at that point for major races on xmod carpet.., Titanium I am still not sure what good its for. Maybe torque adjustment? Anything in a low torque adjustment would be better I think. Think about rotational cog with titanium on asphault it would slide instead of carbon. So carbon for carpet lovers and titanium for asphault?

But honestly I think I would rather just have carbon driveshafts... -_-'

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2010.08.02, 02:46 AM
i use carbon mainshaft just for drift.
coz it dun take too much torque.
but still, a lilbit crack on the rear end [the one we insert on the spur at rear gearbox].
can you imagine just using for "light" torque oredy make the carbonshaft like that.

so if you use it for racing, better use steel or titanium shaft.
specially for long term use.