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2010.04.16, 08:58 AM
I would like to congratulate our newest member on an excellent run last night. Not only did he reach the sixty lap goal but almost won the whole dam thing.

Congrats to Jay, I knew you had it in you(or at least I thought you did).


2010.04.16, 09:07 AM
Here, here! Jay was on fire last night. His car has always been fast, but last night he piloted it like a pro. If I'd thought there was any chance of you or anyone else getting by him, I would have wrecked that person :o

2010.04.16, 11:29 AM
andale! que guapo!

Congrats Jay!

time to change the track....

2010.04.16, 06:13 PM
Thanks guys for all the encouragement and support! Probably my most significant Mini-Z moment to date! Sixty-two Laps! Woot! Woot! The only thing that would have made it sweeter would have been a group HUG:p!!!

That was the best $400.00 investment I have made in a while(cost of car and hop ups)! :)

2010.04.17, 05:17 AM
CONGRATULATIONS JAY! Your membership package is on it's way...

http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm11/cojono/ScreenHunter_03Apr121721.jpg For over 2 weeks, we've been building superior benefits into the 60 LAP Club to make it the best. Benefits like the No. 1 ranked Club Rewards program and superior racing insurance make 60 LAP Club membership the preferred choice.

Global acceptance
Through a groundbreaking alliance between 60 LAP CLUB and MasterCard, the 60 LAP Club Card is accepted at over 24 hobby shops worldwide everywhere MasterCard credit cards are welcomed.
Club Rewards
Cardmembers earn points for eligible charges to their 60 LAP Club Cards, and can redeem them for hundreds of exciting options including frequent shopper benefits at major hobby shops, custom pit boards, brand-name merchandise and more.
Account protection
When Cardmembers dispute a charge on an account, the balance is promptly credited for the disputed charges during the investigation. They pay nothing on this balance until we complete the investigation. Also, if Cardmembers notify us that a Card is lost or stolen, they only pay for the first $50 of unauthorized charges.
Hobby Shop lounges
Cardmembers can access an extensive network of hobby shops in countries around the world featuring English-speaking staff, complimentary beverage service, parts information, newspapers and television, and phone and fax services.
Cash access
Club Cash allows Cardmembers cash access at more than 900,000 Cirrus ATMs worldwide for unexpected expenses, incidentals and/or hop-up parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Club Assistance
Club Assistance offers emergency medical, legal and travel referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cardmembers can replace passports, airline tickets or Cards; find doctors and pharmacies; arrange medical transportation; and access setup and battery advisories.
Customer service
Superior personalized service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1 800 2 60LAPS (1 800 234.6377), or outside of the U.S. call collect at 702 797.5532.
60 LAP Club Concierge Service
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e-Account Manager
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TrackAssist Trackside Service
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Travel insurance
Be sure to use the Card for all racing related charges and Cardmembers will automatically receive an extensive package of comprehensive racing insurance. Cardmembers will feel secure knowing they are covered for racing accidents, Mini Z collision damage and theft and loss or damage of e-clips.
Value-added tax reclaim
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2010.04.17, 05:21 AM
P You'd better start working on the 100 Lap Club benefits ;)

2010.04.17, 06:20 AM
In honor of Jay's recent induction to the 60 Lap Club, his hometown had a parade to celebrate this achievement.................


Little did they know that the club would soon be disbanded for the formation of a much more prestigious organization, the 100 Lap Club :confused:. I attempted to congratulate Jay after the race Thursday, but he retreated to the parking lot soon after the race was over :o. He said he was calling his people to let them know of his great victory, but I suspect some other gratification ritual may have been taking place :eek:. Jay's wife said that later that night he treated her to numerous hat dances in which clothing was optional :p.

2010.04.17, 07:55 AM
Already working on the 100 LAP CLUB... I like this model...

The Ejection Tie Club
To join this club of 5,607 members (only 10 of whom are women) you must have survived being fired out of a military plane by ejection seat. Sounds like an awesome club, right? You have to be pretty bad-ass to go through something like that and live to the tale. However, you might have noticed it is called the Ejection Tie Club. Yes, this exclusive club of current and former service men and women, who all at one point stared death in the face, exists only to hand out special ties so that “when they weren’t in uniform, members would have some form of recognition among themselves”. There are no dinners, no get-togethers, no awards for bravery. Just ties

Maybe a tie with a large "100" beautifully stitched into it would be a fitting tribute to the skill required, not to mention the threat of hand cramps, to reach 100 laps. Much more prestigious than some namby-pamby 60 laps.