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2010.04.20, 09:04 AM
I'd like to ask you more experienced Mini-Z racers, what should we do to bulletproof our cars to race ?

- Plastic Body clips ? replace ?
- Reinforce the glue on side body clips ?
- Suspension Plates ? carbon ? FRP ? why ?
- Steering Knuckles ?
- Steering Servo Gears ? do they brake easily on MR-03 ? better replacement ?
- Glue Tires ? how ?
- Original Autoscale Wheels can handle racing ?
- Any other ideas ?

Thanks in advance to you all!

2010.04.20, 12:14 PM
I use the plastic body clips on most bodies. Some clips break very easy, some take a good beating. F430GT clips break pretty easily, so upgrading them to alloy or carbon may be good. Take in mind that the larger the clip, the more of a difference in weight distribution you will have if you change to an alloy clip. Having the mass in front of the front axle will change handling a good deal.

Most of my bodies are unpainted/assembled myself. I make sure to glue in the clips well. On autoscales, occasionally I have to remove the clips to reposition them for more clearance or to lower them... every different body is slightly different with how it sits on the chassis.

I prefer carbon over FRP. It really depends on the track condition and driving style. I recommend that you try both. The main thing is to make sure that your rear wheels do not stick out past the body, which will protect your t-plate from breakage.

I have no issues using stock knuckles. Just make sure to run front wheels that dont stick out from the body. I usually use 0mm front narrow wheels on most of my bodies.

I have had no reason to change my gears on my MR03...

I glue all of my tires. Heres a good tutorial http://www.reflexracing.net/tire_mounting.asp

Autoscale wheels work very well. A lot of the plastic wheels will crack a little at the hub, so its good to have spare wheels, and check regularly. Delrin wheels tend to last much longer, as do alloy, but you do have increased unsprung weight... which slows the reaction of the car in every part of the track (accel, decel, and cornering).

Hope the info helps :)

2010.04.20, 01:31 PM
If anything use alloy with added weight in mind or simply have spares for all the key parts- gears, knuckles, tie rod, front clip, a spare set of wheels like EMU said. Past that its just having extra tires, tire tape, some super glue.

2010.04.20, 10:25 PM
Wow Guys! Great info :-) Thanks a lot!