View Full Version : AWD motor in MR02

2010.04.20, 09:05 AM
Can a AWD motor be put in a MR02?

2010.04.20, 09:15 AM
Both chassis use the same size motors, so if you are asking about it fitting, it will. Now if the motor in question pulls a lot of current, you may have to upgrade the FETs in your 2wd car first.

2010.04.20, 11:51 AM
The question is which Awd motor? The speedy awd, atomic Awd and the x speed stock kyosho will all work without a FET job. AWD motors offer more torque than their 2wd counterpart. Their is a ton of motors out there so you should first see what motor is legal to run at your local track. Because the type of question you asked, I'm gonna guess that you may be new to mini's, and suggest a milder motor. What's power if there is no control?

2010.09.05, 05:04 PM
Hey , iam running a Speedy AWD motor in my MR-02 2.4ghz car . It works really good , its fast & strong .