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2010.04.20, 09:04 PM
what are your race times during the week ? I think I saw doors open at 4. and is there a fee?
about how long are your races taking ? etc etc.



Mike Keely
2010.04.21, 07:34 PM
I would say that the only true races are on the HFAY nights. We show up and everyone plays around some. I would say that the last few hours of each race day is when they really start racing. We use the Fast Lap counting system and set it for 5 min heats. The guys go out and run time after time until they feel they need to change batteries. Most of the guys will change batteries and go right back out and run some more heats. I beat some times we run 15 heats at the end of the night. No one really keeping track but we all have fun. We have some really good drivers that have been racing for years. The guys are all getting faster from all of the running we do.

No fee to race. I try to buy the propane for the heater a lot in the winter time but we don't need that know. The owner ( Gary )will except money to go towards the porta-john but will never ask for money from anyone. I don't think that many have paid him anything and I know that he does not mind. He wants to have a fun place to race and for his adopted kids to have a positive group to be around.

Not sure if you know Brandon but he came a few weeks ago and had a blast. I will shoot you a PM with my cell number and if you have any questions feel free to call me. MK

Mike Keely
2010.04.21, 07:49 PM
I like to run on Sat. but most of the guys like to run after work. We have been running Sat, Mon, and Thursday. I think that Gary likes to get to the track at 5 and they will stay till around 9. Sometimes when I have been there we where locking up at about 10:30. I can shoot you Gary's number also because he usually hears from the guy to know who is coming that day. Gary is retired so he loves to run these cars even if it is just with a few people. We where looking to go down to Awsome RC this Sat. They have a little larger track then we run. We take the HFAY track layout most months and just add on to it for a longer strait.