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2010.04.21, 10:32 AM
I am new to mini zs. I got a AWD that is a great difter but know I want to set the car up to race in a narrow class. I got 1.5 knuckles and white springs in the front. 2.0 knuckles and green springs in the rear. Almost all aluminum and TAR diffs. Geared 19/27. I just cant seem to get good braking on release of the trigger. Also the car doesnt want to rotate in a turn it just slides into turns making me loose the line I want. My Mr-03 and Mr-02 are killing this car in laps.

Any suggestion will help.

2010.04.21, 11:50 AM
What tires are you using? What body are you using/wheelbase and offsets used for this body? What motor? Do you have the ICS adapter, so you can adust the virtual inertia?

When you say almost all aluminum, what parts are aluminum? Having a lot of alloy in the wrong places can make the cars handling go down. I like my AWD's as light as I can keep them. I use as much plastic as I can...

Tires and diff settings make the biggest difference with how the AWD handles. How are your differentials adjusted, I like the front relatively loose, and the rear pretty tight. I can then drive it similar to a 2wd, without fear of spinning out.

Your springs and camber sound fine. Is the ride height flat, or is one end lower than the other?

2010.04.21, 12:06 PM

Front cover, rear of car, tie rods, heat sink are all aluminum. PN X-Speed AWD and I believe PN 6 in the front.

2010.04.21, 11:00 PM
I found that kyosho 20 wide slicks in the rear, pn 10s in the front, 2deg front canber, 3deg rear camber works very well. Not sure if the front is 8s or 10s bc i know pn mixed them up at one point.

Idk what tires you are using in the rear but if the tires are too soft the car probably has to much rear traction so its hoping and kicking out around the turn. Or the tire and/or rear springs are to hard causing the car to not have enough traction. When setting up an awd you have to use a medium rear tire. Bc if you use a tire like a kyosho 20deg rear radial the car will most likely not rotate enough and chatter a lot. The awd has a lot of traction. So you have to find the right amount of rotation for the rear. I would try 20 slicks in the rear, theyve always worked for me. I agree with EMU about leaving the front diff loose and rear alittle tighter. I run diffs generally very loose but thats just my driving style.

2010.04.22, 11:07 AM
What body are you using?

My favorite tire combo is ATM 8d radial rear and Kyosho 30d radial front. This is a lot of steering for an AWD. Make sure to glue the tires down, it will get out a lot of chatter/hop in the corners. I also glue up the outside sidewall on the fronts, to prevent traction rolls.

My rear diff is as tight as a 2wd, front is a little looser. I choose my camber based on the tire wear, nothing to do with laptimes.

I also use a bit of grease on the kingpins (top and bottom) front and rear to smoothen the car out on the bumps... reduces a lot of chatter as well.

Make sure that you do not have your steering EPA at the limit of what the wheel can turn. You will run through swingshafts very fast. Oil the joint in the swingshaft lightly if you are using alloy swingshafts.

There is a lot more grip for the AWD than 2wd. a) they are heavier, b) more driving wheels. Softer tires may give you less grip, as the tire will degrade faster. I usually dont like to use radial front tires on 2wd cars, but on the AWD the Kyosho 30d radial is the best tire that I have used.

If the differentials are too tight, the car will not rotate as well. You dont want to hear the diffs spooling up, but you want them just a little tighter.