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2010.04.23, 04:03 PM
if you find yourself browsing jpn mini-z blogs you come across some interesting stuff from time to time. today, i just happened to see this motor mount and though, wow, i don't recall ever seeing that before.

イーグル模型(3391)F-1用   ALモーターマウント
1ピースジュラブロックからの削り出しで、剛性が高くモーターのパワーを余すことなくタイヤへ と伝えます。
価格 1,663円
簡易説明 イーグル模型 〔3391〕 定価¥2,079
SP ALモーターマウント
配送タイプ 都道府県別

2010.04.23, 04:24 PM
I would have to have one of those.

2010.04.23, 09:24 PM
hmm.... yummy... from ea... looks like eagle racing? thanks for sharing... :D

2010.04.23, 11:29 PM
yep, not sure who imports eagle racing anymore. i recall seeing there stuff back in the mr-01 days but nothing really since.

2010.04.24, 12:37 AM
Arch, it is a pretty new mount by Eagle Racing, about a month old or so... It looks interesting, but the method of mounting the motor leaves me out of wanting to try it. They also have a front bumper and I think a set of knuckles... Pretty standard stuff.

Since I cannot find an Atomic mount anymore, the options are now PN, 3Racing and Eagle Racing. I would choose the PN for the method of mounting the motor, unless an X-Speed is the motor of choice, then the Eagle Racing or 3Racing would be better options. I like the 3Racing, since it is pretty easy to adjust tweak on the mount rather than with the side plates since the side plates attach to a single piece of alloy that attaches to the rest of the mount. So you can shim between the pieces of the mount instead of the side plates.

This mount looks more similar to the Atomic mount, with a few alterations... making the motor flat with the mounting adapters.