View Full Version : MR-03 got slower

2010.04.24, 05:15 PM
I was running a 8t gea ron 43 t pinion (PN w/ ceramics) , I bumped it up to a 9t and now the car seem slower. The only other things I added was a gyro and front spring cups. I know I am slower coming off the corners but the top speed is gone. Is it my imganation or is there a real difference. I got tired of keeping up in the technical part and then getting blown away on the straight aways. Or do I need to do anything with the diff. Any help would be great.

2010.04.25, 11:05 PM
that's kinda odd... if anything top speed should be faster.... acceleration to get it up to top speed would take a little bit longer... try taking out the gyro and see if it is any better... try going against another mr03 with a 9t...

how big is your track? maybe it isn't big enough for a 9t to get it up to it's speed...

that's all i can thing about at the moment... hope this helps...

2010.04.26, 12:06 AM
Check your gear mesh. You need to adjust the gear mesh after switching to a bigger pinion. The motor pinion and differential spur gears mesh are probably too tight.

2010.04.26, 01:46 AM
good answer tjay... check the spacers that go into the motor pod, make sure you are using the correct one for the 9t... :D