View Full Version : New module that only fits the ex-10 Eurus

2010.04.26, 11:41 AM
Well im tired of my cars not working right with my M11 so I am going to go with a radio by the company that makes the boards for the cars in the first place. I am going to order the KO EX-10 Eurus. When looking at it online i noticed that there is a new mini Z module that only works with that radio. The new module is the RF-902SM 2.4 D.D.S module. I am assuming it has something to do with the new Direct Digital System. My question is how does this eurus only module differ from the other 2.4 module. I really dont want to spend another $85 when i already have a 2.4 module but if it will make a difference then I will. I would appreciate your thoughts.

2010.04.26, 11:58 AM
From what I heard, the response is faster... Besides that, I wouldnt expect much of a difference. If you already have a module, and get the Eurus, expect it to perform around the same response speeds as the EX-1UR and Helios.

2010.04.26, 03:02 PM
got my euros today with the new module,its awesome so far:D
tried it with the old module and it works fine,the winning point for me if i had just the old module would be the larger model memory and the adjustments are now on separate menu's so its easier to use.

2010.04.30, 04:11 AM
I'm picking up my Eurus today :)

Have anyone tried the neutral brake function on the eurus? If I have understood it correctly this function should make it possible to turn on and off brake at neutral throttle position by using one of the switches. Should be great for anyone that likes to have some brake set at neutral since you can turn the brake off to make it easier to get the car in reverse.