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2010.04.27, 03:42 AM
if you rub a plastic with a piece of cloth it will produce a static on the plastic. but somehow this doesnt apply on mini-z.
i play my mini-z with plastic tyre on the commercial carpet for one hour but still no static produce by plastic tyre. at first i thought the floor neutralize the static so i place the commercial carpet on top of the plastic table and play on top of it and still no static produce. so can anyone explain this why.

also if there really a static produce by the plastic tyre wouldn't it be harmful to the fet and board.

2010.05.16, 05:40 AM
what? no respond

2010.05.16, 11:42 PM
I'm pretty sure that you have to rub a piece of Nylon plastic with a cloth to create static potential... the plastic tires you use for drifting are more than likely made of ABS or a styrene compound, and probably not nylon. So if my guess is correct, then that's why your plastic tires don't generate static electricity.

Interesting question I guess, but I sure didn't give much thought about it until you bumped this post.

2010.05.25, 01:49 AM
thank you color01 that is very good answer.