View Full Version : Mantisworx.com site is up!!

2010.04.30, 12:15 AM
my wife and i are doing this together so it is work in progress but at least its a start. we are not the most computer savvy people but i promise it will get better!

2010.04.30, 07:39 AM
Congrats on the site! It looks good. Its hard to believe you've got that many parts out all ready :eek: Look forward to more, and wishing you the best future possible!

2010.04.30, 08:08 AM
looks good but you may want to correct the link in your sig. i kept trying it until i noticed it should be .net not .com

2010.04.30, 09:15 AM
Congrats Marcus! Still loving the rims and look forward to trying some of the other items. Best of luck with this new venture!

2010.04.30, 09:24 AM
Cool site, all I need is dampner and I will have the whole Mantis collection!:)

2010.04.30, 11:56 AM
Will link from my blog.

Your wheels rock. Hopefully we will be able to raise the F1 interest here in Norway so you get some more sale over here to.

Good luck with your shop.

2010.04.30, 12:14 PM
thanx! i would appreciate it!

2010.04.30, 12:37 PM
Congratulations on the site. Its a work in progress, but off to a good start. :)

2010.04.30, 02:23 PM
where can i get those wheels on that carbon 350z

2010.04.30, 02:36 PM
You've got a bit of a frame-shifting thing going on there, Marcus. :p I don't know what's causing it but it's kinda quirky and you might wanna check it out. The overall design of the site looks quite nice otherwise. Good luck with the site and business!

2010.04.30, 03:31 PM
DV, those wheels were limited on the last batch and probably wont be available again! with each batch i make 5-10 sets of limited wheel designs! and the next will be the same.

Color what is frame shifting? if your talking about the pic sizes that just me figuring out crop sizes!!!

2010.04.30, 04:40 PM
Actually, this may be my mistake. :o When your page gets 'tall' enough to require a scroll bar on my screen, the frame of your website needs to re-center itself to accommodate the new scroll bar on the right side of the screen. I wonder if there's anything you could or should do about that, I didn't notice the scroll bar myself until I looked really hard. :o

And of course, cropping all your images to the same size will help the site look more coherent and less Geocities. Take your time on that stuff though, it's low priority compared to getting all of your pages up. :)

Action B
2010.04.30, 09:35 PM
I look forward to ordering from you. I have a feeling that you'll get a lot of business.

2010.05.01, 02:40 PM
Very nice!!! I like your new Website.:D

2010.05.06, 01:25 PM
website is down for today i am changing the domain to www.mantisworx.com ! and it will have a new layout, i got some professional help!! so change your bookmarks.

2010.05.12, 11:01 PM
shopping cart is now working!!

2010.05.12, 11:47 PM

It looks great!

2010.05.13, 12:04 AM
Looks good :) Every revision gets better and better.

2010.05.13, 10:19 AM
Thanx! i learned from Cristian!! You cant beat experience.

2010.05.24, 11:11 PM
website has been updated and i am going to add a "readers ride" section so send me pix of your mantis equipped hot rods and i will get them on the site! send pix to Mantisworx@hotmail.com

Davey G
2010.05.25, 07:22 AM
I love the simple black and white LOGO! :D

Website looks great

2010.05.25, 07:04 PM
Looks good. I was going to send my F-1 pic but i see you got it already.:) Saved me the time!;)