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2010.05.02, 08:59 AM
Which is better? I actually do better laps in a 90mm but I dont know why? The Mazda RX7; which is 90, I am forced to run front tires all around. It keeps me slow but clean. I want to run 94mm.

WHile changing from the green springs keep the body from chattering or should I just grease the knuckles. I feel like I have little suspension, or the body rides low but does not hit.

2010.05.02, 09:03 AM
i think 94 is better

2010.05.02, 01:42 PM
I have driven a 90mm AWD a few times. I prefer 94mm. 90mm feels like it has much less steering response. For larger tracks, 94mm runs much better. Small tracks, the shorter wheelbase should give a better steering radius off throttle.

2010.05.02, 02:34 PM
IMO 90 mm is so much fun than 94, running on narrow tires all around with VW Beetle 0 offset front 2.5 offset rear. Thick grease on all knuckles...

i keep AWD for fun and MR-03 for race

2010.05.03, 06:16 AM
Can anyone recommend a narrow body that is 94mm?

2010.05.03, 06:28 AM
The Corvette is an excellent choice.

2010.05.03, 10:40 AM
I had good results with the GT-R (road version) when I ran it in the Narrow class at Action. There are a few good bodies for that class... Although, if I were to run AWD in it again, I would probably use the Fairlady...

R32 Skyline, R34 Skyline, R35 GT-R, EVO X, Altezza, 350Z Fairlyady, Vauxhall Astra, R32/GTI, 512BB... You can also slightly modify a 90mm body to make it compatable with 94mm.

With AWD, you want the lightest body that you can find, since it is a 70t class. 2wd has the advantage with its efficiency, and there isnt enough power to give AWD a grip advantage. Widest offsets are a plus, which the GT-R has enough. I think I ran a 2N front and .5W rear. Which is just under the limit of what is permitted in the narrow class at Action.

Unfortunately, the Corvette is not permitted, as it is wide even for an MR02. It was originally made for the MR01, and should have been re-released for the MR02 not the MR015. It is one of the most versatile bodies available. It is not aggressive in driving style, but very solid and dependable. A good body for any chassis it is placed on.

2010.05.05, 08:54 AM
WOW! the Corvette??

i didn't see that coming...

has anyone actually weighed all the bodies to find out whats the lightest?

2010.05.05, 11:51 AM
Im pretty sure that the lightest 94mm body is the BMW Z8. It is probably the lightest Mini-Z body out of all of them. I think its something like 26g.

2010.05.05, 05:00 PM
Im pretty sure that the lightest 94mm body is the BMW Z8. It is probably the lightest Mini-Z body out of all of them. I think its something like 26g.

yea and impossible to buy....

2010.05.05, 05:12 PM
yea and impossible to buy....
If you look hard, you may be able to find one used... But, it is still the lightest one that I have ever had. The Cobra is also pretty light, being that it doesnt have a window up top.

Being very light is not necessarily an advantage. Weight distribution and size are more important. You want the body to be big enough to be able to use wider offset wheels. Most 0N/0N bodies arent very good for racing. For small light bodies, I love the f355 :)