View Full Version : atomic ball diffs out of stock everywhere?

2010.05.06, 12:08 PM
Hello Guys,

Just a remark that the AWD080 and the TAR181 ball diffs have been out of stock in pretty much every online store for a good while?

This is confusing ar they discontinued?? :confused:I'v contacted Atomic but haven't got any reply so far..:(

Anybody knows wht's going on?

2010.05.06, 12:34 PM
AWD080 is in stock, and shows 5 before they are out of stock. If you use this differential, I recommend the thrust bearing upgrade.

You can always go with the Kyosho diff, and the shop here has them at a good price http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=18274&cat=386&page=1

2010.05.06, 02:20 PM
just get the kyosho diffs from tiny rc use the link EMU has from the previous post. those are normally 53 everywhere else. think if it this way if you get the tar diffs you still have to change the crown wheel and that totals the price if a kyosho one.

2010.05.06, 05:38 PM
I prefer the Kyosho diffs to any other on the market, the quality is superb. TAR is good, but not quite as good as the Kyosho.

2010.05.06, 11:58 PM
Thanks for the hints!

I'v been thinking of the Kyosho ones but I'v understood, based on some comments in this forum or elsewhere, that the stock aluminum outdrives wear out at very rapid rate then it's "good bye, Charlie"..:eek:

I even contacted Reflex racing for their delrin outdrives but they are temporarily discontinued, as informed by Christian. He's working on getting them manufactured by some company.

So EMU (and others) how's the case with your Kyosho outdrives? Is this an issue with your diffs, too? Any solutions?

thanks a lot so far!:)

2010.05.07, 10:27 AM
After they wear a little, you can do the blade mod to the swingshafts. I have a little wear on my outdrives after a year of use, but its nothing too serious. I have one set of the RR outdrives on one of my cars, I like them a lot... The other car has none, but I dont use it nearly as much as the first car.

2010.05.16, 02:35 PM

Where are you located? The local store here at NYC has a couple of the diffs.