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2010.05.07, 09:50 AM
Just wanted to show a couple of my recent paint/custom jobs.

This is my newly built F1. Its an old AM chassis converted to 2.4 with an 02 board. Its the same car Ive been running since the PN regional at the mushroom bowl a couple of years ago. Its seen a few different ASCs and my old trusty green/silver paint job. Ive been wanting to do something a little more modern for this car, and with the advent of the Mantis wings I was finally motivated to get something done. I planned to make a rear wing just like what Mantis designed, so I just purchased one of his for ease :D I wanted something a little more realistic than his V1 front wing/bumper, so I made one on my own. Ill get a chance to see his V2 front end soon, and I think it looks plenty good for me to jump on :D All this work may be for not, but Ill share anyway :D Here is my styrene hand cut version of a 2010 F1 front wing. Its a bumper/wing combo like what Mantis produces, and I have been track testing it with good results for the past few weeks.


Front wing


Mantis rear wing with a slight mod ;)

Random shot I liked

And the aerial shot

2010.05.07, 09:51 AM
This was the car I put together for the recent enduro we had. It held up beautifully and will be run in the LM class at the up-coming Carolina Cup Challenge race at High Speed Hobbies in NC.




This body replaced my VDS body on my super stock car for our club races. I'm trying to start moving towards a mod pan for our regional in June. Ironically I ran PN wheels on the VDS, and am running ATM wheels on the PN car, lol. I know Ill have to swap them for the regional though. Please excuse the pink hue to some of the pics. I dunno what my camera was doing, but what can I expect....its really supposed to be a phone.




This pic messed up real bad....but I still think it came out kind of cool.

2010.05.07, 10:21 AM
All of your cars look really good. The attention to detail really shows through.

That F1 looks real clean, and the front wing looks like it came like that. Its going to be one car that I really have to watch out for at the Carolina Cup ;) My car wont look as pretty...

2010.05.07, 02:35 PM
Thanks EMU. I'm looking forward to getting to run with you again. The F1 is the best it has ever felt. I don't know whether its the Mantis rear wing, or my front, but over all the car is so planted and balanced its ridiculous. I'm really focusing on LM and F1 at this event, and Ive been working hard to get both of these cars ready. They are two of the funnest cars Ive had to drive lately, and Ive won the last few club races Ive run the LM.

I'm super pumped about the F1 though. If I would have had more battery power in the NJ regional last year I think I could have taken a fight to you and Sai. It didn't work out that way, and we'll never know, but this is my next shot at you :D Ive beaten Rodney before, but I haven't even contested him in F1 the last two times we've raced. At the Diablo last year I had a breakage right at the end, but ran most of the race laps down to him (even before the breakage). I managed to stay on the lead lap with him almost the whole time at the last cup race, so I think this will be the time I get him (I hope some one who will talk to Rodney lets him know I'm coming!!!) :D Throw in two of my oldest F1 rivals (Matt and Pedro) and this should be the most fun Ive ever had in the class. To make it even more exciting, Chad is running his F1 the best Ive ever seen him, and Wade and James always run super strong on their RCP, especially with the F1s. Ive never run with Marcus, but from what I hear he is pretty strong too. It really should be any ones game, and folks who expect to win, could end up in the B :eek:

2010.05.07, 07:14 PM
Geez Jay! I hope they leave us some crumbs.

2010.05.07, 07:42 PM
Well, you know what they say Marwan. Pride cometh before the fall.

2010.05.08, 04:09 AM
I hear what your saying Landon... I know what my pace is, but I dont know what everyone elses pace is with these new parts. My car is still being refined, but it is definitely pulling good laps (.2s slower than Maj's mod fast lap, and on pace with his stock fast lap in tonights race). I had some glitching, so I couldnt run as consistantly as I wanted.

I will put new rubber on my cars and scrub them in during practice. I also need to install the rear wing. I noticed that you are not using the Mantis wing mount. I am currently running side springs, as I expect the layout to be pretty technical, and that should give me a little more rotation. I think that the screws may slightly interfere with the springs, so I am cautious to install it on this chassis. I do want to try the wing on this chassis, as I could use a little bit more downforce at speed in the rear. The car was a little loose, and I had to use a lot of throttle control out of the corner. Im thinking that the ATM Stock BB has a little too much torque, and I might be better off with a motor that has more speed and less torque like a Z2, or even T2.

Most of you guys are running on your home turf, so that gives you a little setup advantage. But I feel that my setups are pretty versatile from track to track here, so it should run pretty well down there. What kind of laptime differences are there between your LM and your stock or F1?

Im having Davey paint a couple bodies (Sauber/f355), that I hope to have for the race... I hope he gets them done in time... Your cars look really good, I want mine to look good too :)

2010.05.08, 07:44 PM
Landon, your Xmodding experience is rearing its head on those bodies. :) Very nice work on the bumper and great paint. It does look like that F1 doesn't have a 64p spur and pinion though, you might be able to get a little more speed and power to the ground if you switch over. With the Mantis wing you don't have to worry about getting rear-ended anymore, so... ;)

2010.05.08, 08:00 PM
Looking good Landon. Ill see you Friday.:)

2010.05.09, 09:15 AM
Marwan and Jay, I know Ill have fun running with you guys if I get a chance to as well :D

I dont think Ine ever actually raced you Marwan, so sorry for leaving you off of my list :D Maybe you can stick around all day this time, and we can get our chance :p

Jay, I dunno why I started any smack talk. Every time I open my big mouth it costs me :D Thats part of the fun though, right?

EMU - I havent put the car on the lap timer yet. Im not sure how Ill hook the Giro-Z up on this set up just yet. I used to always mount it on the rear wing. I may come up with some longer wires and get really creative mounting this one. I dont like them to be very visible, and it was easy to hide with the old wing. Im sure Im running the same laps or faster with it though, as compared to me LM. The LM has a weaker motor in it than some of my other 70t cars. I imagine pace will be a little tough to keep with some of the other guys (you included) there. Im banking on a techy enough track that I can hang with tight clean lines and accident avoidance :D The car goes where I want it to, and feels so planted I can take whatever lines I want comfortably. Its the best the car has ever felt, so Im good wthout any more speed :D Im running a very well broken in Speedy05, and its just enough more than the 70t to be advatageous without getting out of hand with too much power.

Brian, I forgot what warm styrene felt like in the eye, lol. It was fun getting back to my modeling roots with this bumper. It started out as a prototype for another idea I have. I hope I take the initiative to follow through with it, as the new wing could look way better, and perform just as well.

Larry, Im looking foward to it :D Cant wait to see what your F1 looks like :D

2010.05.09, 10:37 AM
Landon, my F-1 has some of my touches but its the Mclaren autoscale (silver/orange). I dont think ill get my painted one back from Davey in time? Atleast its my basic colors.;)

2010.05.09, 03:15 PM
Just messing with you Landon :) Good looking rides!

I really look forward to running in the CC this year. I'm hoping to be in the B group, but you never know...