View Full Version : ZRound Suite update 1.9.8

2010.05.08, 02:15 AM
ZRound is on top form with new amazing feautres making the the job of timing easy. It is solved a bug related to the min. lap time on the Kyosho IC Tag lap counter, thank to the support of John Whitman & Gian Marco on tests.

New features

* ZRound: Min lap time bug for Kyosho LC fixed
* ZRound Manager: New scoring schema. It is allowed to award every round on mains
* ZRound: Transponder failure is signaled with a "Stop" icon when the last read takes more than 2*Mean_lap_time
* ZRound: Show checkered flag when race is finished
* ZRound: Sound volume control
* ZRound Manager: FTP option creates all the directories needed on the remote server
* ZRound: If "Count first detection" is checked on Le Mans start mode, the first lap will be counted but it won't be used to compute best lap nor mean lap time
* ZRound Manager: Default PN Racing race format duration is changed (8 min heats, 10 min mains)

Direct download (http://www.zround.com/request.php?34)