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2010.05.08, 09:50 AM
i really hate to do this but i have to leave negative feedback for Jebroni. i sincerly wish it did not come to this however i have to face facts and it is what it is.

March 9, 2010, in response to my FS/FT post regarding autoscales Jebroni requested a trade for the scuderria ferrari 360 gtc for a brand new xanvi gt-r autoscale he had in his possesion.

March 12, 2010, i receive an email stating Jebroni has received my package. my part of the transaction is complete.

March 18, 2010, i receive an email stating Jebroni's package was returned due to insufficient postage. he says he will mail it again tomorrow.

April 3, 2010, i send an email to inquire if the package was mailed.

April 9, 2010, i receive a reply that the box was mailed March 22, 2010. i request a copy of the shipping receipt however i never get a copy.

April 14, 2010, i email Jebroni again to let him know that i am concerned as i have not yet received the package and will leave negative feedback if this continues.

April 15, 2010, i receive a reply stating his package was returned again. continues story with details of difficulties in his personal life which i sympathize with. he requests that i resend my address, which i do. he states he will resend the package again tomorrow with tracking number.

May 5, 2010, i send response stating i am no longer interested in continuing with this transaction and have written it off as a bust. it simply is not worth my continued time and effort for a single autoscale.

May 8, 2010, unfortunately i have to recommend that you enter into any transaction with Jebroni with extreme caution and skepticism. i would ensure he provides confirmed shipping info prior to you paying or sending anything to him. i'm a patient person and i can sympathize with dealing with personal issues that complicate life at times but even this has exhausted my patience. it really is a shame and i do wish Jebroni the best of luck in dealing with the personal issues. i also wish he had taken the 10 minutes it needed to resolve this the first time correctly. i keep all emails so i have copies of all correspondence if requested.

Jebroni initially offered a drop off trade which in hindsight i should have accepted however it would have meant a good 45min. one way drive and spending more in gas than shipping which is why i declined.

to top it off, i even included a bonus autoscale in my package to him just because anyone who knows me, i typically do stuff like that. i'm a giver, what can i say.