View Full Version : got a 98rm . . . what do I do for a body?

2010.05.09, 11:33 AM
Do I need to make a custom body?

2010.05.09, 01:18 PM
Not sure how you'd get a 98mm RM chassis....could you show us pictures or describe how you have a longer rear T-plate than the standard 94mm rm's?

There are all sorts of custom builds around...but this sounds like a new one to me.

2010.05.09, 01:46 PM
I have used the Mini-Nascar t-plates with an RM pod on the Murcielago body, and it worked pretty well, but wasnt great.

Look for 98mm bodies that have some extra room behind the wheel wells... I would think that with slight modification the Aston Martin, GTR, McLaren GTR... all should work.

2010.05.09, 01:55 PM
I got a 98mm motor mount, so I guess I assume I've got a 98 at this point, yes? I purchased a Porsche 911 MR03 and made the switch to the atomic motor mount right away because with the stock motor it was overheating right out of the box. At this point, I'm spending hours in the pit box and no time on the track . . . I just wanna get out and turn some laps.

2010.05.09, 01:58 PM
Yes, 98mm MM. You would just have to get a 98mm body. There are quite a few. I thought you were talking about using an Rear mounted motor at the 98mm position... which would be 98RM, like what the title of the thread says.

2010.05.09, 03:53 PM
Thanks, EMU. Best,