View Full Version : thrashed bodies for sale????

2002.07.10, 11:53 AM
Does anyone have a thrashed body that they want to sell? I am looking for anything so I can race it without fear of damaging a nice body.

If anyone in Hawaii has one for sale let me know. Thanks!!!

2002.07.10, 07:27 PM
s2000 yellow only used for a week or so. missing a headlight lens and scratched up. no cracks. actually still in pretty good shape $8 body only. never really hit it hard. just flipped over alot. the lens is gone because i took it off to try to make a led hole and lost it. if you want it, let me know then i'll keep it at work and you can swing by sometime. laters b

ps. i got a brand new extra x-speed (newer one) if anyone wants it. first $16. i got it as a backup, but ordered a mini-z racer motor so i shouldn't need it as my current one is still fairly new.

pps. i also got an extra light set for the mini-z's blue front and red tail. has eylet connectors for mini-z. $16 too.

2002.07.11, 12:44 PM
I'll take the S2000 and the x speed. Send me your pager or ph number thru email and I will let you know when. Thanks!

2002.07.11, 01:24 PM
but, the x-speed went last night. damn, i should've ordered more when i got mine. i'll email you about the body. peace b

2002.07.12, 02:38 AM
He he, I'll sell you my Subaru WRX WRC body for a Buck Fifty he he.... its pretty thrashed as put it.. he he... Major scuffs and scratches on all sides, right front light popped out, but i glued the bugger back in, the back wing popped off, but got glued back on, front spoiler partially cracked, but glued, missing left side rear view mirror, got it in a little plastic baggy if you want it, left side clip cracked, but glued back... he he.. CA glue is the shiznack.... he he... I'll post pics if you want... My new bodies should be coming in soon... I bought a new WRX body, and 2 D2 bodies.

2002.07.12, 12:16 PM
I'll take yours too! Click on my profile to send me a email so we can set a pickup time. Thanks.

2002.07.14, 08:09 PM
he he, I was kinda joking Mauka, sorry for the confusion, but, i'm still kinda attached to this body.. he he.. its my first mini'z body. after all the damage i've done to it, it still kinda looks pretty good to me :). but anyway, bodies are pretty cheap, so no fear, go for broke, and T-Boning a curb is always fun (not). he he, but then again, you can always do what i did, just buy two of each body, one for keeps and one to race.

2002.07.15, 01:52 PM
I really wanted a WRX. Oh well, at least I am getting the S2000 body.

I'm trying to save my money to get a new 1:1 scale car.

Toyota Matrix or Subaru WRX so right now I have to save a lot of my extra money.

Too many hobbies and not enough dough. I need a raise.

Thanks anyways.

2002.07.15, 04:43 PM
When you say, 1:1 scale, you mean a real car right? he he... hey, if you really want a WRX body, email me, i'll tell you where you can get on for like $22 plus shipping which is pretty cheap. sorry to disappoint you.

2002.07.18, 01:01 PM
I WANT A REAL ONE, WRX, WRX, WRX!!!!! Except it is kinda expensive. I am looking into a WRX wagon or a Toyota Matrix. Probably going to get a Martix.

I know one of the Hawaii guys has one. ;)

Anyone wanna buy a Tacoma 4X4????

2002.07.19, 11:46 AM
Who? :eek: