View Full Version : MR03 Double A-Arm Front Suspension, when will be avaliable?

2010.05.12, 06:14 AM
Wondering when would MR03's version of Double A-Arm Front Suspension will be release? Going to start a new chapeter in my Mini Z's with new MR03 by upgrading the Rear and leave Front alone until this is avaliable instead of hopping up with existing upgrades which will end up in the garbage later.
I love this DAAF on my MR02 so I can't wait!

Davey G
2010.05.12, 08:47 AM
Next time your at Majs, stop by my pit. ;)

2010.05.12, 11:51 AM
Next time your at Majs, stop by my pit. ;) Will do hopefully Friday since i just picked up a new MR03 which Maj is putting it together.

2010.05.12, 04:48 PM
Since I can't stop by your pit on Friday I wonder if I can see a pic of what you are talking about?


2010.06.07, 11:54 PM
its similar to the 02 front end its awsome