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2010.05.12, 08:34 AM
I have just gotten my hands on the EX-5UR for the mini z. Can anyone explain to me in lay man terms what all the functions are and what do they do. e.g. How to turn down the motor, increase braking?

2010.05.12, 09:46 AM
It is said that that the function layout and functionality is the same as other KO PROPO branded radios, so go to http://www.kopropo.com/america/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=60 and see the manuals for the EX-1 (for example).
The functions that the EX-5 have, are present on the EX-1, so take a look into it's manual.

2010.05.12, 11:52 AM
you basicly have the same things on there as standard transmitter + some extras.
In short:

1: shows at wich point your steering is atm.
2: show steering trim
3: sets steering travel to both sides
4: steering travel right
5: steering travel left
6 steering speed. Put it on max and min and you will see the difference
7: steering curve.
8: steering subtrim. this moves both travels and neutral at the same time.
9: reverse steering
10: from here on the same as steering but for throttle. so show throttle.
11: trim
12: travel front
13: travel reverse
14: speed
15: curve forward
16: curve reverse
17: subtrim
18: reverse throttle
19: ABS. Dont know if this works for mini-z
20: ABS speed
21: 3th channel (not for mini-z)
after that all the things for hte different models.

But its all explained more or less in the manual :p