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2010.05.13, 01:40 AM
Hi, i have some questions.

We have recently acquired the GiroZ transponders and using Zround for our club races. I found that sometimes we are getting example, 'transponder 12 detected' even when the transponder is not in use.

Also, will it affect the lap counting if the detectors are placed to near to the next lane? Sometimes I would see the same car being detected twice and the 2nd detection is a lap ignored.

Lastly, if we have started the heats, is it possible to add or remove racers without having to regenerate heats and lose all results data? I found that zround dun have the option to manually add/place racers in the desired heats/ rounds. Reason for this is if the racer joins 2 classes or more, he might have no time to prepare for the next round if he is placed back to back.

Appreciate your response.

Thank you

2010.05.13, 02:57 AM
Hi Jesus,
As Quantum has said the adding drivers to heats would be a great option, for instance if a drivers drops out of a HFAY heat and you are left with just 2 drivers which is too small a number for the HFAY heat, could you then move these drivers and their times in to another heat?

Also would it be Possible to set up a dedicated HFAY option like PNWC?
3 Heats of 8 mins with no finals?
Many Thanks

2010.05.13, 05:47 AM
Hello Quantum.

I have read before that GiroZ gives false reading sometimes. One of the solutions is to realy organize your cables. Dotn throw them criss cross on the floor, nor keep them rolled up or something like that.

- It possible. Try testing it by passing the car slowly and see if it detects anything. Try placing you lapcounter on a straight with no lane next to it.

- There is an option to manually place riders in the heats you want. After you generated the heats goto to the heats page. Open the tree to wathever heat you want to remove a driver from. For instance: Heat A. The double click on the drivers name you want to remove. You get the ID screen for that driver. At the bottom you can fill in into what heat you want to driver to drive. under Q1 fill the heat number you want him to drive.
Say for instance you have 3 heats with 3 rounds and you want to switch a driver from heat 1 to heat 3 after the first round. You finish the first round of each heat. Then you go to the driver and switch him to heat 3. You will see that the drivers results for the first round remain in heat 1, but now he will be driving in heat 3.

Hope this helps.

2010.05.13, 11:35 AM
Yupz, we will try to place the lapcounter somewhere else not besides the next lane.

LED, I guess that would be a work around solution. But it can be confusing if we do that. Till Jesus updates the software with such function, we will use this solution in the interim.

Thank you all.