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2010.05.16, 01:36 PM
I've been searching and reading the forums and haven't been able to find an answer to why are LM size wheels and tires NOT ALLOWED under the PNWC rules? Could someone please help me clear out this restriction, as it totally contradicts our local club members position, as we race an X-Speed motor Le Mans only series (w/LM wheels), which by the way happens to be very competitive, and our members do not want to accept anyone to run a GT car, arguing that a 94mm to 98mm car will have an advantage over the 102mm LM cars. If this is the case, then why restrict the Le Mans cars running LM size wheels and tires on the PNWC if they would be at a disadvantage against the GT cars? Shouldn't the LM size wheels and tires at least be allowed for Kyosho LM body use only? I would really appreciate your opinion on this subject, as we kind of have a debate going on, and would like to have other opinions.

2010.05.16, 06:38 PM
i have always wondered the same thing.

2010.05.16, 06:47 PM
Simple answer: it's not the wheels so much as the tire size that the wheels allow. LM tires are significantly wider than the standard 8.5/11mm.

2010.05.16, 08:06 PM
I just finished doing some measuring, and verified that the LM rear wheels are exactly the same width and diameter as regular GT wheels, 11mm wide and 20mm dia. LM front wheels on the other side are 3mm smaller in diameter, 17mm, and the width is also 8.5mm just like the regular GT wheels.

Regarding the LM tires, you are right! The measurements I got for the front LM tires width was 9.8mm compared to 8.75mm for regular GT tires, and for the rears, 12.3mm vs 11mm. Also, the LM tires are beefier/thicker than the regular GT tires, so I guess this would be the reason why LM tires are not allowed. Rims really don't matter, except you won't find any regular Mini-Z tires to fit the LM front wheels because of the smaller diameter.

Now, what is your opinion about an LM car with LM tires running against a 94-98mm GT car with regular Mini-Z tires? Which one would have the advantage in capable hands?

2010.05.16, 08:50 PM
hmmm so by the rules (since you are allowed to run semi wide fronts) the front tires are legal but not the rear and that makes sense. so if you run smaller diameter front wheels with LM tires and 22mm rear wheels with std tires that would be legal right?

2010.05.16, 10:11 PM
According to the PNWC rules, maximum wheel diameter is 21mm and maximum front tire width is 8.5mm, so you could not use semi-wide tires in front nor 22mm rims in rear.

2010.05.16, 10:25 PM
I have not done a comparison but I was thinking could it be that a LM has a overall wider wheelbase?

It's like the 220mm gas cars dun run with the 200mm because the 220 is more stable and has better traction overall.

2010.05.16, 10:44 PM
i know at our local track we run any body and wheel and tire you want. some run lm wheels and tires on stock cars and standard wheels and tires on lm. i dont feel one has an advantage over the other all the time. a body and tire combo may work for me best on one layout but not for someone else are for me on another layout. that being said im sure the reason for no lm wheels and tire is due to pn not making any. this is a pn event so they set the rules to support there products. same as any other manufactured event.

2010.05.17, 10:56 AM
I have not done a comparison but I was thinking could it be that a LM has a overall wider wheelbase?

There is no restriction on running an LM body with LM differential. What you cannot do is use the LM wheels and the LM tires. You have to use regular Mini-Z wheels and tires that are 8.5/11mm.