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2010.05.16, 06:42 PM
Well, Art, tell me what's great/better about an MR-03? How does it compare to the MR-02 2.4 Ghz? I wish I could get an RTR for the $189 they are charging for the RTR without transmitter. I hate the $80 or so they are charging for a transmitter that is worth maybe $40. I guess that's just Kyosho though. Their planes are sweet also but hella expensive compared to the competition so I've yet to ever see one at a flying field here.

2010.05.17, 11:46 AM
chasis weight 10% less faster acceleration.
steering is faster.
The weight is more centralized quicker response in the chicanes.

Is only a little faster a 0.1 to 0.2 on a 2 wide L track.
compared to a similar setup 2.4 02. A fully updated 2.4 02 is still very competitive.

Hank is back and has a pile of cars again. He has not run them in a month as his charger are at my house from the mb ENDURO. Keep an eye out for a package deal for people selling out.

2010.05.17, 08:30 PM
Yeah, I'll watch. I'm still wanting to do some racing, especially the online series. Patrick says he still has interest but like me he's not excited by the price of an 03.

2010.05.17, 08:38 PM
I see Hank has a car up for sale. I sent him email. I'd need a transmitter though and those are what, $80 new? Ug.

Mike Keely
2010.05.17, 08:49 PM
The car does not drift as bad on the straight and is a whole lot more predictable. After you get a MR-03 set up you will see a lot faster lap times.

2010.05.18, 03:21 PM
I think Hank is going to sell me that 2.4 MR-02. That should be fine as I think it will maybe better allow me to use some of my current MR-02 upgrades on it. I'll look for a controller passively in the meantime. I hate to pay $80 so maybe I'll find one used sometime. Jaren can then use my current car and transmitter. My transmitter is a huge upgrade for him from the crap ones that came with the old MR-02s. I'm worried I'm going to hate the ones for the 2.4 from Kyosho. :(

2010.05.19, 01:28 AM
Maybe we can arrange a day for the 3 of us to meet and run our cars? What do you guys think?

2010.05.19, 07:27 AM
How about may29.

This weekend I already have a rc pass for offroad racing saterday. I picked up a HPI blitz SCT to race some when miniz is slow. I need to tune in the miniz for the PN world cup next month in MB.

My track is up all the time still, Ill reconfigure it to the HFAY BTE tonight.

We can do may 29th. Early in the day mourning. My wife works the night before so I will be on dad watch on the 29th. I can start a movie for the kids upstairs so I have a chance to run a main/qualifier.
June 5th (my Birthday is also an option.)

2010.05.19, 10:05 AM
The 29th would work but only early afternoon. The 5th is out as my parents will be in town. Maybe something like 1-3 on the 29th? If it was the morning I'd have a 2 year old and 6 year old in tow.

Where are you racing offroad, Loganville?

2010.05.19, 12:39 PM
I beleive thats where I am going to race on the 22. They are having a trophy race that day. I raced the new truck last weekend and want some redemption for a bad brand new motor that put me in the bmain.
The wife let me order a new brushless motor(17.5) and esc and had me order it to get here before this weekend.

There is also new track (atlanta supercross) in liburn also
There is tracks in rome, douglasville,peachtree city also.

Russ I have done the same thing with my kids, I gave them the AM miniz with the eco motor in it to beat with:)

2010.05.19, 03:54 PM
Wow, that supercross track is close by. I'll have to check it out. Let me know if you are heading down to that track to race.

2010.05.20, 12:51 AM
Sounds cool Art. I picked up a brushless 1/8 buggy and truggy to play with =) since I haven't been able to race the mini zs much.

I'm kind of curious to try an sct, maybe the jammin one

2010.05.20, 07:52 AM
What are you going to do with that? They don't race electric do they? I thought the only thing racing these days was 1/8 nitro and 1/10 stock short course trucks.

2010.05.20, 07:56 AM
I picked up a 2wd sct to play with.
They are running electric buggy also.

2wd SCT is the most popular class in town right now. the 4wd sct is mainly noivices, too much power and not enough driver. The have enough 2wd sct they have a stock(rtr,17.5 brushless motor) and open class for them They had 11 open sct and 20 stock last weekend at loganville

My 17.5 brushless motor and ESC shows up tommorrow:)

I picked up a HPI blitz rtr. It actually handled good after a couple minor tweaks.
They race 1/8th electric now also. 2wd sct to be fast takes skill. Its like running full mods miniz. need to have some throttle control. They handle like old school 2wd electric trucks. Its very real full size corr racing beating and banging

2010.05.20, 12:27 PM
Maybe I'll end up selling an mr-03 and picking up a 2wd SCT