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2010.05.17, 08:12 PM
This idea came out of a really weird moment when I was talking to this girl I know that's working at my local supermarket.
Usually when I get a moment to talk to her we go to the area where they keep the rejected or defective items, and there it was this really funny looking toy truck.


I had to ask her if it was gonna be thrown away, and for my content she answered "Yup... go ahead, you can take it".
Back home with the truck unpacked I had a little test run but was so disappointingly slow and such inaccurate steering that I imediatly disassembled it to throw away the controller and motoring.


After getting it into pieces, I started looking at the gears to find room for a better motor. (the original motor was only giving me an idea of how much room it had for the new motor)


I had a old broken Tamiya Quick Drive buggy that couldn't be fixed so I took out all electrics and battery conectors.
The worst part about this board was the fact the motor wires were just too short to reach the rear axle, so I had to get bigger cables.


And then I noticed the underside of the semi actually had a 6 AA battery case without any battery conectors, so I took away the Quick Drive's ones plus the ones inside the original controller and installed them.


And also got a set of decent wheels with rubber tires to replace those awful no grip standard plactic wheels, 10 Lego 13x24mm wheels.


Next I took the body for a look of what I'll remove to make it look like a "normal" semi, and this part I know I'll have a lot of work since this was a toy with lots of bolted extras that look ridiculous.


See you in the next next post. :cool:

2010.05.17, 08:17 PM
Sweet idea dude, keep us posted.

luke hall
2010.05.19, 07:16 AM
that is waht i call a flash of inspiration,
when its completed you should try a stunt where you drive a small car onto the moving truck