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2010.05.20, 05:14 AM
Speed and Fun Club opened this spring the first permanent RPC track in Bucharest, Romania.
We are currently focused on 1/28 scale on-road racing, so whether you have a Mini-Z, IWaver, XMod or even a custom pure race-breed 1/28 model, feel free to pay us a visit and even challenge our track record. We'll make sure you'll get your place on our record wall :). More than 50 square meters of track are waiting for you (2 standard Kyosho tracks plus one extension option), so charge your packs and put on a fresh set of tires, and come on over.

Races are usually organized last weekend every month and everyone can join in. Even if you don't have a car yet, we'll be happy to lend you one (and this is not just for the races, cars are available at our track at any time). Just make sure that you give us a short call for confirmation, if you plan to attend.

We have a lot more plans buzzing in our minds for the future: a dNaNo track, a crawler corner...but all in good time :).

Club name: Speed and Fun
Location: Bucharest, Romania, Europe
GPS: Lat 4422'4.68"N, Lon 268'32.71"E
Address: Bucharest. Sector 4, Sos. Berceni 104, Bloc Turn-ICPET, Etaj 8
Web page: http://speedandfun.ro/
Contact person: Florin Supeala
Phone: 0040 722 536 877

2010.05.20, 05:39 AM
congrats... welcome to the forums... and nice looking track

2010.05.20, 08:18 AM
Thanks herman for the warm welcome! The club owner is very passionate and races along with us. Maybe I will get him over here to register and maybe add more pictures and details about the track.

2010.05.20, 09:36 PM
nothing like a passionate club owner that posts on the forums... there's lots of info here... i find myself posting less and less, while reading more and more... :D