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2010.05.21, 10:55 AM
I am thinking of purchasing this F40 body kit:

Ferrari F40 Red - Kyosho Mini Z Racer MZP321R

My question is, can the wheels from this be used with the MR-02 chassis or do I have to buy separate F40 ones, and if so where? Are there any other parts needed to convert the display model to RC? Is the MR-02 chassis easy to find with the appropriate transmitter?

Many thanks

2010.05.21, 11:21 AM
The body number that you have posted is the MR02 version. MZP321R

The older MR01 version would need different wheels.

You should be able to find a readyset, which would be AM and come with the transmitter. ASF is better than AM, but if you arent racing anywhere, the AM is more cost effective.

2010.05.21, 02:48 PM
Thanks EMU; as the F40 body in my original post is for the MR-02 chassis, are the wheels that come with it able to be used on the RC chassis (I presume they just unscrew)?


2010.05.21, 03:03 PM
Simon, check your PMs. The hawks made me delete my post, but I may be able to hook you up!