View Full Version : does the kyosho alu diff MDW018 fit in the ATM Kit V-II Profesional SAS kit?

2010.05.23, 05:39 PM
hello ,

does anyone know if the kyosho alu difs for the AWD fit in the atomic pro SAS suspension kit? the standard plastic ball difs do not fit in it and where i live the atomic ball difs for the mini-z AWD are impossible to get.

since the kyosho alu difs are very expensive i would like to make sure that they fit before i buy one.

2010.05.23, 08:29 PM
I use the Kyosho alu diff in the rear of my SAS pro vII car. There is a problem with the stock gear diff, that the spur is wider than the SAS has space for. With the narrow spur on the ball diff, it fits without a problem.