View Full Version : PN Racing S6 NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe Multi Balance Charger review

2010.05.24, 01:19 AM
hi folks was wondering if anybody can post a review on the PN Racing S6 NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe Multi Balance Charger... did a search but came up with nothing...

thanks in advance... :D

Davey G
2010.05.24, 11:35 AM
Here is where people are chatting about it. Hope this helps....


2010.05.25, 09:01 PM
thanks dave... and what a pretty in depth review... :D

2010.08.24, 09:14 AM
I just bought this charger and all works well but I am not able to connect it to my computer through USB. My computer runs Windows Vista. Does the software/driver supports Vista?

These are the steps i went through
- Set USB to 'enable' on the charger
- Install the soft 'charger v1.0' Is there already newer soft available?
- Connect charger to computer, but the charger is not regnized...

2010.08.24, 10:09 PM
hi robbyDV try emailing davyG i think he would be in a position to answer your question...