View Full Version : What are these shims used for? Blue and Purple Aluminum from PN

2010.05.24, 01:37 PM
I purchased a used MA-010 and it came with these new in package.
PN aluminum purple shims m3 x 1.5mm
pn aluminum blue shims m3 x 2.0mm

I'll be honest, I wouldn't know where one would put them and why. Just curious why a person would buy these and what they would do with them.

I also own other mini-z chassis (2wd) so if these work there two, I'd like to know how and why.

2010.05.24, 02:43 PM
Sounds like the lowering shims you would put on the top or bottom post of knuckles to raise or lower the car combined with shorter spings. Also used to adjust spring preload.

2010.06.03, 02:19 PM
Yep, I have several on my front end under and on top of the front springs, using the PN orange knuckles. I'll show you my AWD setup on the 19th.