View Full Version : Mini-ZRacer.com Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo 5/29/10: Points at 7pm or Enduro at 4pm?

2010.05.27, 08:19 PM
We talked about this at the last race, but need to figure out sharpish if we're really doing it - I'd appreciate it if everyone could vote, and if anyone has ideas/suggestions, please post t the thread (ASAP)! :cool: :)

2010.05.27, 08:34 PM
Please cast your vote by 9pm Friday so that we stand a chance of coordinating appropriately in time! :)

2010.05.28, 07:43 AM
OK, Derrick, Carlos and Lawrence have all communicated their favoring an Enduro (but for some reason not made it as far as actually voting/posting :rolleyes::p), so that looks to be the direction we're heading unless we get a sudden rash of votes against. Ideas I've been tossing around:

Make the entry fee e.g. $20 (less depending on the # of participants) instead of $10 and have $50/20/10 shop GCs as prizes for podium finishers (since the Enduro format should shake things up enough to make it not just an automatic $50 bonus to Onrailz! :D)?
Teams: I don't think we have enough people to do teams/shifts, BUT, I had a thought: what if we allow Teams IF your team mate is not a participant in our current series, in order to get people who don't usually race behind the wheel?!
Unlimited motor to allow for pit strategy (speed vs. pit stops)?
BBQ! (someone needs to go to Jason's house and help him carry, due to arm problem!)

Btw, for this one, we might actually need my stupid pits that I always have to add! :D:cool:

2010.05.28, 11:23 AM
how long? is it just # of laps vs. time? rules for battery change?

2010.05.28, 11:55 AM
C, thanks for responding - I'm open to all suggestions, but my expectation is that it w/b time - e.g. who does the most laps in 2 hours. Rules for battery change w/b that the car must pull into the pits, but then there are some things that c/b TBD, i.e. do we allow a teammate if applicable to make the change, to encourage people to bring someone to help (remember that teammates may not be point series participants - the idea being to introduce new people to the Dojo). Do we make the driver leave their Tx on the stand while they go to change batts so they can't be driving while they walk? I'd also like to suggest mandatory self-marshaling, i.e. if you pop your body, you must drive to the pits and tap it yourself (or your OWN teammate can) and if you roll, you or your team mate must retrieve the car and start from the pits (do not pass go!). We can do whatever we want (and can coordinate in time) though - e.g. if people want to run lights during the second half and darken the room a little, that c/b fun - just LMK as I have at least half a dozen light kits I can bring for this. I'm up for whatever! :):cool:

2010.05.28, 11:57 AM
Will has txted (as he's apparently not online 24/7 like Dan and I) that he's in favor of Enduro also. :)

2010.05.28, 02:43 PM
Chuck is in and just needs to coordinate transport of little E; so, that's something like 8 people in at least; I'm cracking up that leonen is the third voter - are you going to stop by real quick from Argentina?! :D Jerry(atric) is a maybe - something about how his Hoveround/Rascal is in the shop or something...!? :D :p

Oh, and does anyone know if Jason is conscious etc. as we're somewhat relying on him as grillmaster, but last I heard/saw photographic evidence of, he was looking a little rough!? Everyone else, please bring stuff to eat and drink too if you can! :)

2010.05.28, 03:37 PM
I probably wont show up until around 8 PM. I can either take over for someone that's tired of racing or I'll just work on trying to fix my F1 so I can get back to racing period :(

2010.05.28, 06:14 PM
L, I'll bring my soldering rig etc. so we can get you sorted! :) I'm not sure how long we'll run, but you know we'll be there all night - I was thinking we could have some other challenges such as just seeing who can set the ultimate fast lap under various conditions (maybe even w/ prizes depending on if we do the +$10 pool etc.? :)). Plus, you know there will be Mini-Z soccer at some point...! :D

2010.05.28, 06:24 PM
Apparently everyone's just going to txt me and not actually post themselves, but Derrick says he is going to "go to Sam's, and make sure our meat is handled" - I have no idea who Sam is or what this means, but ... :rolleyes: :p

2010.05.29, 06:53 AM
When will the meat stop being handled and what time will racing begin?

2010.05.29, 09:29 AM
Updated plan on that actually Jerry: Derrick was going to pick some up last night so he could go all Bobby Flay and marinate it overnight, but then he realized he has no place to stick that much meat, so, new plan will be to figure out what kind of head count we have once we congregate and just run up to Sam's from there.

I am hoping everyone will be there right around 4 - I'm assuming you're not asking when racing will begin so you can just deliberately show up after everyone else has set the track up etc., but, because of the ad hoc nature of the event, I really need everyone to be there at the onset - otherwise people might show up at 5 to find out we're half an hour into a two hour race, which they now have no idea of what the rules are, and no chance at catching up to the rest of the field etc. There are some people that can't come until later, so, we'll make sure there are lots of activities (we could do a second race, an F1 race, various fun things like fastest lap, fastest lap backwards, soccer, etc.).

Can someone get a hold of Jason, I have no idea what condition he's in, he suggested last week that he was down to BBQ as long as someone went to his house to pick up (since he can't carry obviously), but I have no idea if e.g. after his surgery he decided he didn't want to get out of bed for a week or something. Dan, could you specifically take on J-watch for us?

Coo! :cool: :)

2010.05.29, 11:33 AM
Guys, in addition to food and drink etc. obviously, can everyone bring as many laptops/netbooks as poss. so we can set them up w/ the ZRound client (http://www.zround.com/download.php?view.9) and have them in various places (e.g. right next to S/F line will be critical) so everyone can see timing and scoring etc.? :)

2010.05.29, 02:27 PM
I'll have my Lappy, though Who knows if you'll still be racing by the time I get there =P

2010.05.29, 02:33 PM
Like we'll have even finished track setup by then! :D

FYI all I'm going to help Jason (now) so that's covered - if I'm a minute or two late from the detour, no need to freak out - just start laying out track! :)