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2010.05.31, 06:08 PM
Hey folks,

I'm going to use a mini-z PCB and motor for a little custom project of mine. However, i'll be using a regular steering servo. How does the mini-z 4-leads relate to the normal 3-leads on my futaba and hitec servos?

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2010.05.31, 06:13 PM
Follow the pictorial here for converting standard servos to Mini-Z, it should explain everything. The only difference is that ASF Mini-Z's have 3 wires going to the potentiometer (black cylinder), while your Mini-Z only has 2 wires going to the pot -- the other 2 go directly to the steering servo motor.


Hope this helps. :)

2010.05.31, 07:41 PM
That was pretty neat, and google translate did actually help too :)

Question is though - how to handle having "only" two leads to the potentiometer? The pcb will come from an upgraded MR-015. Using a new ASF board is a bit too expensive I think.

Thanks again.