View Full Version : Exciting 10 minute Modified ASC A-Main

2010.06.01, 05:26 PM
Great Battles for 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th. I flipped within the last minute costing me a trophy.


Pole - Mike Haynes
2nd - Roland a.k.a (Number1)
3rd - SaiTam (yellow)
4th - Tommy (red)
5th - Willy Wong(White)
6th - Pete B
7th - Glen H
8th - Tony Q

Fastest lap I think was 11.0 flat. I believe everyone ran Atomic Stock motor.

2010.06.01, 09:53 PM
Exciting racing! Even stock class looked very fast.


2010.06.01, 10:56 PM
Stock class used the ATM Stock-BB yellow label motor.

I think that Mike was using a Chili, at least he was in qualifying. I used a Z2 in my LM car for mod :) In a way I was glad that I didnt make the A-main, to watch the battles (Mike vs Roland and Sai vs Willy) trackside was great :) Also, I made a great pass on the final lap to get the B win.