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2010.06.03, 03:02 AM
For the LiPo pack on my transmitter, do I need to have this thing discharged before I check them in at the airport? I know I was told to have the NiMH 20% charged only but how about LiPo's? I have mine fully charged right now. Also, do I need them on a Lipo sack or can I just leave them unplug on the tx?

FYI... none of these will be carry on.

Please advice. Thanks!

Davey G
2010.06.03, 07:15 AM
Are the baggage machines smart enough to tell if a battery is charged or not? Im joking of course. I used to travel all over with all sorts of equipment but this was also before lipos. My chargers kinda look like bombs, the motor sprays, tire tractions, transmitter. I was never stopped or questioned. The carry ons is a different story though. Where are you traveling too? :p

2010.06.03, 09:14 AM
TJ - If your worried about the battery not being used for a while, for Lipo's it is best to keep them almost fully-charged when storing them because if they drop below a certain voltage they will be damaged forever.

As for keeping it plugged into your Tx, I am not sure. That's a good question. What's the longest you've going without playing with your Mini-Z's?:D IMO, I think I'd remove the pac from the Tx. If the Tx accidenatally gets bumped and turned ON then the Lipo pack will drain and if it goes to 0V, byebye Lipo pack.:(

For safety of the pack and the quality of the Lipo pack itself also, I'd leave the pack fully-charged and disconnect it and put the pack into a Lipo-safe pouch for travel.

(The sound of two pennies hitting the floor):)

2010.06.03, 10:26 AM
Consider charging it to 50% of the full capacity.

I think your major concern is about the lipo pack not blow-up due to the temperature and pressure variations. If the lipo pack is fully charged, the variations may cause damage to the pack, 'cause the packs can storage much more energy at low temperatures.

2010.06.03, 10:29 AM
pull the radio tray and place the tray in a ziplock back.

I went through the an airport once ( offroad natianal) and the tsa agent placed the staterbox nimh battery (14 cell packod subc cells) terminal side down on a metal table once. It shorted started smoking. I reacted and moved the battery and to stop the short. It was fun explaining it all to the tsa agaent on what they just did:)

When flying alway have an rc magazine on top of the suitcase when they open it up. Have one in your carry on also.

2010.06.03, 11:28 AM
Thanks guys! I think the answer that I was looking for was Doug's. I remember the battery manufacturer in China had told me that they need to have their NiMH cells only charged to 20% because of the temp. and press. in the plane can actually cause explosion... I'll discharge my LiPo 50% and maybe borrow a lipo sack for it.


2010.06.03, 09:17 PM
nice read... pretty cool tips too...
ey tj, you planning a surprize trip to the phil? travel safe bro... :D

2010.06.03, 11:13 PM
I wish Herman but not until 2012.. :(

2010.06.04, 03:55 AM
all we have to do here is take the batts out of everything and store seperately:)

2010.06.05, 12:51 AM
I carried mine on and went thru with no question or whatsoever. Good thing I called PN. thanks Philip!!! :D